Take The Challenge!

What is possible in YOUR community? When you look around with that fresh, confident perspective that Paparazzi brings, what do you see? Is there a friend who could use a treat? A family that needs help cleaning up their yard? Maybe there’s an animal shelter that needs volunteers, or a neighbor who just needs to know they’re appreciated. From the corporate office in Southern Utah to your own backyard, let’s show the world what is possible when those who wear it DO even one act of kindness every day!


Are you up for the challenge? Show us what’s possible! For the next 30 days, the Paparazzi corporate family will be rallying to fill new “Counselor Closets” throughout our local school district. These Counselor Closets will be a resource for teachers and school counselors to pull from when they identify a child in need. We’ll be collecting food and snacks as well as toiletries to fill their shelves, allowing school administrators to provide students with items they may not have access to at home, or that may be needed in an emergency.


Connect with a friend, your team, or your upline and commit to the 30-day Paparazzi Possible challenge. As you’re painting your town pink, don’t forget to show us what you’ve made possible by using the hashtag #PaparazziPossible